ME Elecmetal uses innovative international tool to evaluate and improve its degree of circularity


ME Elecmetal is one of the 27 Chilean companies that are part of the Clean Production Agreement (APL) “Transition to the Circular Economy”, where we are being trained in the use of STI, a methodology created by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and KPMG. This tool will allow ME Elecmetal to develop a circularity baseline in The Rancagua Plant to accelerate sustainable initiatives.

In line with our corporate value “commitment to sustainability” and our awareness of the importance of contribution to the “decade of action”, where Chile has set ambitious circular objectives through the “Roadmap for a Circular Chile by 2040”, ME Elecmetal is part of the Clean Production Agreement (APL) “Transition to the Circular Economy”.  We are undergoing training in the use of the international tool “Circular Transition Indicators 2.0” (STI), created by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and the consultant, KPMG. It will allow us to measure the impact of circular activities, through metrics, at all levels of the company, business units and product groups.


“The work in Circular Economy that we are doing in Rancagua will allow us to continue to reduce our consumption of raw materials, energy and water. It will also help in the use of waste through recycling — to turn waste into new products and improve circularity in our product cycle”, says Matias Bustos, Operations Manager of the Rancagua Plant.

Once ME Elecmetal executes the first circularity baseline, we can take what we learn to develop a management plan to help guide the reduction of primary resources and the reduction of waste. In addition, CTI analyzes inputs and outputs of water, energy and materials intended to generate products and services, along with waste. The purpose is for ME Elecmetal to understand the risks and opportunities, in order to prioritize our initiatives and monitor our performance.


At present, a group of collaborators from ME Elecmetal are being trained on how to manage the tool, directed by the WBCSD and the consultant KPMG. Training began in May 2022 and will end in September 2022.

This APL, which ends at the end of 2023, convenes different public and private actors, who seek to implement competencies for the circular economy, in addition to generating standards that can be used in different sectors.


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