IMPULSA, Elecmetal Chile’s integral wellness program







To reduce the vulnerability of employees and their families, promoting an improvement in their life quality





To do this, we implemented a set of actions that integrate features and benefits aimed at both individual and family development.


We began with a diagnosis that involved gathering quantitative and qualitative information (with a scope of 367 employees), allowing us to characterize workers in terms of their economic and subjective well-being. Based on these findings, we developed a comprehensive support program.


Some of the topics addressed with the participants include communication, trust, learning to set boundaries, and support in challenging processes, in the realm of personal development. In terms of family, some of the courses covered include couple relationships, parenting skills, and relationships with children, among others.

Proposed solution

“Throughout the course of the same process, I began to realize things that I hadn’t seen before. Those things that I hadn’t seen were the ones causing me high levels of stress, and up until that moment, I had normalized them within my everyday family life,” a participant of the program.


“It is a program that seeks the comprehensive well-being of the employee and focuses on a very important aspect for Elecmetal, which is the care for our people,” April Bravo, Head of Organizational Development at Elecmetal Chile.



In 2022, this program reached 120 employees.


In addition, we integrated a satisfaction survey, which in its first edition, measured perception and degrees of agreement in different dimensions. The average score was 6.7 for the entire program, on a scale of 1 to 7.


In addition, 94% of the participants expressed that they would recommend the program.







The program is a joint work with the Arturo López Pérez Foundation (FALP).






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