ME Elecmetal introduces its first Integrated Annual report

As of 2023, all companies supervised by the Financial Market Commission are required to report their results under Standard 461.

The General Standard 461 incorporates sustainability and corporate governance issues in the annual report that companies report, therefore, raises the standard with respect to reportability, not only addressing financial issues, but also integrating elements such as governance, risks, stakeholder relations and environment or ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance).

With this standard, the report provides investors and the general public with the necessary information on ESG issues. Thus, stakeholders have data to evaluate and select financial instruments and/or investment alternatives where their interests would be better protected, distinguishing which companies are better prepared to identify, quantify and manage risks.






A process of reporting the Integrated Annual Report that goes from less to more

Starting this year, ME Elecmetal began this new reporting format, which we hope will eventually provide visibility to the actions carried out in the area of sustainability.

“We are starting the year 2023 with a first version of the basic integrated report and we hope to deepen in time the new integrated topics associated with ESG issues”.

Ricardo Silva, assistant finance manager of ME Elecmetal.

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