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Creating a management framework that defines the way ME Elecmetal works and relates globally is an ongoing concern, considering the geographic dispersion of its operations that spans five continents: NorthAmerica, South America, Africa, Australia and Asia.




How does the customer solve his problem today?

Clients explore commercial relationships with different suppliers, which are reflected in the contracts and bids that are signed. However, many times the services and committments to the client are left unfulfilled, which directly impacts the customer’s mining operation.


In light of this, ME Elecmetal’s priority is to fully comply with the commitments assumed in the commercial agreements and/or bids.

Processes developed include:

  1. Commercial: monitoring of contracts to ensure compliance with the agreement.
  2. Audit: internal audit processes to outline the performance of the various operations, with a model in aspects of governance and ethics.
  3. Cultural: we work on internal knowledge sharing and job mobility, so that executives and professionals who have managed operations in one area can transfer that knowledge and learning to new operations.

Additionally, knowledge of the market and therefore of the regulations of each country is relevant, as well as the adaptation of the solutions we offer to meet the unique needs and requirements of each customer.

To back up the reputation that ME Elecmetal has, the promise is fulfilled: with durable products and technical solutions, with warranties, in addition, with a committment to sustainable solutions.

From a culture perspective, ME Elecmetal promotes the internal mobility of its professionals, so that they can translate the ME Elecmetal signature to our operations different countries around the world.

“ME Elecmetal is very important in the global mining industry,” explains Nicolás Cuevas, CFO of ME Elecmetal.

He adds, “The challenge is to continue doing things well, through personnel management that focuses on the benefits and retention of our talented employees.”

In the various countries where ME Elecmetal operates, this signature is a recognized attribute: we are a responsible supplier that allows mining companies to give continuity to their operations and solve problems that may arise in the mine.

In addition, innovation is another outstanding attribute. Years go by, and ME Elecmetal constantly explores new ways of doing things: improvements to plants and alternatives for more sustainable processes — all of which positions the company as a leader in mining worldwide.



  • Freeport-McMoRan
  • Barrick 
  • First Quantum Minerals 
  • B2Gold 
  • Grupo Mexico 
  • Rio Tinto 
  • KAZ Minerals 
  • New Crest, entre otros. 



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