Operational Digital Twin

Operational Digital Twin is a platform grouping together different prediction, simulation and operations analytical tools that are used for diagnosing mill operations and engaging control strategies geared toward operational stability and maximum production.


Fed by on-line process variables, the platform generates operational variables (internal charge dynamics, power, ball fill level-Jb, total fill level-Jc, charge size at the toe, liner wear) that reflect the mill’s operational status while recommending operational adjustments.


  • Issues warnings when variables are out of range; determines possible causes based on descriptive analysis and uses optimization algorithms to issue recommendations for adjusting changeable variables.


  • Simulates how operational variables/KPls (yield, consumption and stability) will respond to different boundary conditions (grain size, hardness, jb/jc, % solids, ball diameter, liner profile, etc.) to verify/test new set-point ranges.


  • Projects liner life – multi-variable models.


  • Prevents breakage and saves on liner and grinding media consumption.


  • Assists in ramp-up strategy improvements and turn-around estimation.


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