ME Elecmetal has been an ESCO licensee for Chile since 1959 and has been operating the ESEL plant in Chile since 2012 through a joint venture. ESEL is dedicated exclusively to manufacturing wear elements (GET) for earth works operations.

The Esco Elecmetal Plant (ESEL), located in Colina, Metropolitan Region, manufactures ESCO products for supplying mine sites in Chile and the rest of South America, along with specialized support and repair services for components or equipment offered as part of ME FIT Mine solutions.


  • Nemisys®: Our integrated lip, tooth and shroud system comes with a hammerless attachment for hydraulic shovels and is designed to reduce operating costs, maximize equipment availability and make for safer replacement operations. Available in different sizes to fit excavators, dredgers and large rope shovels.


  • Ultralok®: This revolutionary integrated locking system for rope shovels and other smaller equipment is remarkably different than the traditional three-piece systems because it is hammerless, for safer operations and simpler on-site tooth replacement.


  • Ultra Edge®: The new ESCO LHD mechanically-installed lip shroud system can extend the useful life of associated wear parts by up to 66%, for a considerably lower effective cost.


  • SV2®: Simplifies component replacement and ensures a sharp tip profile until the end of its service life, while boosting productivity, reliability and safety when compared to two-piece mining tooth systems.


  • Posilok® Plus: The hydraulic paddle blade can be used with three parts: main adapter or base (welded to the lip), nose holder adapter, and point or tooth. The nose holder adapter is attached to the base adapter using a sidewinder pin, while the point is attached to the adapter with a torque wedge pin.


  • Toplok®: Designed for easy, safe and fast installation and removal of interlocks and wing shrouds used on shovels, loaders and excavators.

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