ME Tracking

At ME Elecmetal, we rely heavily on our ability to track our grinding media products as this enables us to deliver reliable services to our customers. To this end, we have created the ME Tracking virtual platform to provide online information on the supply chain and the quality associated with these products.

Digital Modules

Dispatch Tracking: Online information on deliveries to the concentrator plant, for better inventory control and quality traceability.


Bin Tracking: Monitoring of the fill level of ball storage bins.


Quality Tracking: Continuous graphic displays showing our customers the quality, chemical, weight, and hardness parameters of the product batches sent to the plant.


Feed Tracking: Accurately controls the number and weight of balls entering the mill and keeps an up-to-date inventory of the balls in the mill for more efficient operational control.


In-Mill Tracking: Simulation of grinding media size distribution inside the mill, as a function of ball size, discharge size (grate slot), daily charges and theoretical wear (ME Grinding Apps).


Scrap Tracking: Periodic monitoring of scrap properties (morphology and quantity). Provides early indications of deviations: product problems or undesired operational issues.


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