ME Elecmetal has two repair facilities in Chile where it services large mining equipment in more than 5,000 m2 of space at each site.

Our service centers specialize in reconditioning buckets, hoppers, handles, slides, copper smelter ladles, liner changes for fine crushing and much more.

Service Centers

  •  Antofagasta: Far-reaching capacity in repairing through welding, sizing and replacing armor kits, featuring plasma cutting tables, shot blasting areas, large component welding and machining areas. We have a combined loading and unloading capacity of 200 tons between our in-house and outsourced resources.


  • Rancagua: Specializing in overhauls of major crushing and grinding components, copper smelter pots and earth moving equipment, our wide range of repair services include shot blasting, heat treatments, welding and machining for large components, and own lifting equipment, for correctly and safely handling large components.

Technology Services

  • Análisis Estructural de equipos: ME Elecmetal will conduct a Technical Fleet Evaluation consisting of an assessment and characterization of all the buckets used by the mining fleet, including geometry and structural integrity, offered as part of the Early Alert 3D Scanner service


  • Wear Analysis: ME Elecmetal has its own 3D Digital Laser Scanning Service used to verify assemblies in the workshop coupled with on-site expertise.


  • Simulations (Magma Soft): It is used for the manufacturing process of parts to avoid defects in the casting process of the material.


Post-Sales Service

Post-Sales Service: Our contract managers and service engineers provide coverage for customers’ present and future needs and support for equipment and shovel maintenance monitoring and strategies.


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