Changes introduced to processes in mining can affect both current and downstream operations. At ME Elecmetal, we understand that every decision made is absolutely critical. Before proposing changes to our customers, we run a series of simulations and tests, so we can be confident that the solutions we are developing will minimize any risks or adverse effects.


FEA Simulations

FEA simulations are employed to simulate strain, stress, force, displacement, velocity, acceleration, etc. ME Elecmetal’s FEA simulations make it possible to reproduce the mechanical behavior of both liners and the mill, under multiple operating conditions in order to avoid unwanted failures, optimize processes and components, and reduce the time required for new product development.


DEM Simulations

DEM simulations have become an essential tool in the design and optimization of equipment used in grinding and crushing. ME Elecmetal’s DEM simulation software tools allow our customers to better understand the downstream effects of liner design changes. Our 3D simulations and virtual mill and crusher models help quantify solutions for operational challenges related to crushing and milling; providing energy utilization, power consumption, tons processed and impact force, among others.


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