Reinforcing occupational health and safety aspects is one of the priorities when observing the company’s values.

To this end, the leadership team has set itself the goal of moving towards a culture of zero harm to people in all the company’s activities.

In this context, two priorities have been defined at the culture level:
1. to strengthen the role of leaders and

2. to reinforce the discipline of operations.

In order to work in a focused way, safety is understood in ME Elecmental through 5 work axes or pillars:

1. Discipline and accountabilitiy: responsibilities are clear regarding the actions that everyone must comply with and do to operate safely. It also integrates an area for leaders to have the opportunity to demonstrate the results obtained in their areas with respect to occupational health and safety management. It includes recognition activities and disciplinary measures in case there are repeated incidents or in case of an unsafe conscious action.

2. Safe procedures and controls: standardize the best known way to perform the work in terms of safety, quality and productivity, considering the variable of individual responsibility. Integrates review and improvements based on observations and shift checks.

3. Training: this is a standardized plan that provides concrete tools to understand and correctly execute the procedures and controls established for each activity. It integrates three variables: the role of the supervisor, the certification of the machinery and the permanent survey of the risks of the work in each position or workplace.

4. Safety culture and safe workers: its purpose is that all the company’s employees have safety first in all the decisions they have to make during their work activities. To this end, we work on leadership and behavioral safety programs at all levels of the company, in order to leverage the commitment of the work teams.

5. Focused leadership: this is associated with the role of the leaders in relation to the daily decisions of their work team, the working conditions, the behavior of their team and the incidents reported. In other words, the safety issue is not overlooked, on the contrary: it is stopped and resolved before continuing the operation if necessary. In this context, feedback and coaching appear as the basic tools to be able to modify behaviors, hand in hand with recognition.

All of the above is worked through the tools of the Lean Manufacturing strategy.

During the past year and this year the main focus has been on working with leaders, through the implementation of a leadership program that seeks to reduce exposure to hazardous situations and conditions and the improvement of the safety culture.

This is a program that seeks to reinforce aspects of team bonding to establish safe behaviors and conditions. The program began to be implemented during the year 2022 with three focuses:

  1. Safety contacts between leaders and workers
  2. Work sessions with teams to reinforce behaviors and work standards
  3. Physical risk inspection
  4. Coaching

This program is in addition to the behavior-based safety program implemented for the past 5 years.

Like everything else, we seek to improve zero harm culture, During the year 2023, a Safety Culture measurement will be conducted.

Continue to reinforce the safety culture aspects within ME Elecmental, impacting on accident and occupational disease indicators.

Proposed solution

“The work pillars are complementary, however, for the last six months we have been focusing more on supervisors to reinforce focused leadership.

Since 2015 to date the culture has changed a lot. People in leadership roles have taken charge of the safety aspects by taking ownership of the issues and solving the problems they face” explains Daniel Miranda, Head of Occupational Health and Safety at ME Elecmetal.

With the implementation of this model we seek to advance towards a Zero Harm Culture to people, in all the company’s activities, considering three indicators:


  1. Accidentability: reduce exposure of ME Electmetal workers.
  2. Occupational diseases: elimination of occupational diseases.
  3. Zero Harm Culture: advancing the internalization of culture.

We have involved all the contractors that work at our sites throughout the country, with whom we work systematically to improve our results.


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