Capital Products

In addition to supplying wear products for earth works operations, we also provide equipment for large machinery used to transport heavy materials at mine sites.


  • Buckets for Cable and Hydraulic Shovels: We offer world-class hydraulic shovels for all makes and OEM models. Our precision engineering and manufacturing increases shovel availability thanks to more reliable and durable components that do away with unplanned downtime, while reducing maintenance costs and increasing safety.


  • Front Loader Buckets: ESCO’s spare parts for large front loader buckets are designed to outperform OEM designs with improved productivity, enhanced resistance and longer life.


  • Underground LHD Loaders: ESCO’s EverSharp features a continuous, mechanically-attached lip for medium to large underground LHD loaders. The easy-to-replace base attachment protects the lip by absorbing impact during loading.


  • Excavator Buckets: From loading loose material to extreme rock conditions, ESCO mining buckets are designed for unsurpassed performance and durability. Our buckets are custom designed to match working conditions (capacity and cycles) required for each application.


  • Truck Hopper: Truck beds have a better material flow to reduce wear, drag and unscheduled maintenance. Its innovative shape is just right for achieving optimal payload and faster cycle times, while reducing tire damage and load spillage.


  • Water Tank Truck: Built using top quality materials, our tanks are inspected throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the best possible water tanks and spraying systems available on the market.


  • Bulldozer/Wheeldozer Blades: Designed to deliver payloads that meet jobsite production requirements, these are available in extra heavy-duty (XHD), heavy-duty (HD) and general-purpose (GP) classes. A complete line of double bevel curved blades, regular/overlapping bits and ground hitch tools for motor graders are also manufactured.


  • Motor Grader: Each cutting edge is designed to last longer and gradually wear over its service life, thereby cutting back on cycle times and lowering the cost per yard moved. Available in several versions, such as HD or XHD, or even a serrated cutting edge for really tough jobs. Motor graders equipped with ESCO quality blades work longer, in high-speed programs, with less downtime for blade changes.

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