Value Creation Connections

We are proactive in involving communities, suppliers, and customers as partners in the process of value creation. As agents of change, we drive sustainability within our environment and industry.

We are committed to collaborating with communities to create shared value through social investments that foster their advancement and growth.


  • Territorial Diagnosis: We conduct thorough assessments of operations situated in strategic territories, which may also be shared with other interest groups. This diagnostic process enables us to gain insights and understanding of the local landscape.
  • Community Engagement Program: We have established a relationship program to facilitate community consultations and address any concerns or complaints they may have. This open line of communication is essential in building trust and collaboration.
  • Partnership with Claro Vial Foundation: We actively engage in collaborative efforts with the Claro Vial Foundation to work jointly on initiatives and projects that benefit our communities and align with our sustainability objectives.


  • Engage Communities and Reduce Inquiries and Claims: Foster active engagement with local communities and work towards a reduction in the number of inquiries and claims received from them, aiming for a more harmonious relationship.
  • Integration of Relationship Programs in Mining Client Communities: Implement relationship programs within the communities of our mining clients, strengthening partnerships and promoting positive interactions.
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Our business thrives in tandem with our suppliers. We are committed to enhancing our position as a strategic partner to our customers and actively contributing to their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) performance.


  • Supplier Master Data Management: We are implementing a global-level initiative to enhance the management of supplier master data across all our operations.
  • Local Supplier Contracting Program: We are developing a program aimed at promoting the hiring of local suppliers, fostering economic growth in the regions where we operate.
  • ESG Performance Improvement Services: We are rolling out a program designed to help our customers improve their ESG performance, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.
  • Baseline ESG Measurement Indicators: We are establishing baseline ESG measurement indicators for our clients.
  • Integrated Environmental Impact Solutions: We are actively involved in the development of new integrated solutions aimed at minimizing our environmental impact and providing sustainable alternatives.


  • Dedicate 5% of Budget to Supply Chain Development: Allocate 5% of our budget towards the enhancement and development of our supply chain.
  • 50% Client Participation in Advisory Services: Aim to have 50% of our clients engage in our advisory services, benefiting from our expertise.
  • 50% of Clients Measured Under ESG Standards: Strive to have 50% of our clients assessed and measured according to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards.
  • Develop Two New Services: Work towards the creation and launch of two new services that will bring additional value to our clients and stakeholders.
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