The Environment

We are looking to be an active agent to promote carbon neutrality and the circular economy in the industry, innovating and designing new alternatives for our clients, and providing permanent information on our environmental performance.

To make energy and water consumption increasingly efficient and to achieve excellent management of these resources in all the operations.


To achieve the highest performance and efficiency of our energy and water sources, which are essential to our management, in all our production facilities.

Management Approach:

  • To power our facilities with electrical energy from a renewable source and promoting self-generation.
  • To identify and measure all industrial use of water and its disclosure.

To develop GHG reduction plans for each of our production plants.


To measure GHG emissions in each plant based on the GHG Protocol, monitor and manage their annual decrease in comparison to a common reference year

Management  Approach:

  • To measure GHG emissions in the 3 scopes in all of our own plants.
  • Carbon footprint reduction management in scope 1 and 2 on a global, regional and local scale.

To globally support sustainable mining through a comprehensive environmental approach while increasing the circularity index of our plants, main products and by-products.


To homologize our waste management in all our operations and their main metrics based on the best practices in the sector on a global, regional and local level.

Management Approach:

  • To identify the circularity baseline in all our own plants.
  • Waste management, moving towards Zero Waste to landfills, in all our own plants.


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